Friday, December 14, 2018

An amazing digital art site just started that sells mind-blowing pieces with lots of freedom how you use them.

There is a new art site called which not only has great art, but it also sells it really cheap. For just $10 US dollars you can download any piece and use it on a Tshirt, cup or whatever at your store.  This art is extraordinary and a little bit scary, but thats what art is suppose to do, make you think twice about its meaning. Lots of digital art store exist, but they always have 101 rules that you must follow in order to us the art. This store has only cannot sell the original art piece by itself, it must be on a product, post or advertisement. Its one rule of not selling the original file is very refreshing. So, want to sell a Tshirt, buy the art for $10. Want to also put the same photo on 3 items...that will cost $20. Want to put it on 4 or more items? That will cost a whopping $30. The artist himself sells the items on his site and has a wide variety of topics from animal conservation to politics. Check it out today, or miss out.