Friday, December 14, 2018

An amazing digital art site just started that sells mind-blowing pieces with lots of freedom how you use them.

There is a new art site called which not only has great art, but it also sells it really cheap. For just $10 US dollars you can download any piece and use it on a Tshirt, cup or whatever at your store.  This art is extraordinary and a little bit scary, but thats what art is suppose to do, make you think twice about its meaning. Lots of digital art store exist, but they always have 101 rules that you must follow in order to us the art. This store has only cannot sell the original art piece by itself, it must be on a product, post or advertisement. Its one rule of not selling the original file is very refreshing. So, want to sell a Tshirt, buy the art for $10. Want to also put the same photo on 3 items...that will cost $20. Want to put it on 4 or more items? That will cost a whopping $30. The artist himself sells the items on his site and has a wide variety of topics from animal conservation to politics. Check it out today, or miss out. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Aircoins versus Pokemon Go., its clear that people like free money. Financial world news.

 Aircoins is a new Virtual Reality VR app game that is very similar to Pokemon Go in many ways, and better in most ways. There are no boring useless monsters to collect. There are no fighting and losing your earnings. Yet there are many things that make this game better, for instance in Aircoins you collect real money...I heard people like that, but hey, everyone is different. In Aircoins you also find a wide variety of real cryptocurrency coins to collect. The more you get, the more your wallet is worth. Yep, there is a crypto holding wallet in the game. Aircoins made it clear that in the next 3-6 months, they will have an update that will allow players to trade or sell their coins for real cash. Pokemon Go sends you home with nothing real. I say thats a win for Aircoins. 

Oh, and by the way, in the last 30 days Aircoins has added 7 new crypto coins to its game. They update every 1-2 weeks so they do work hard with the game and maintenance.  They have 23 different coins to what are you waiting for?

Download links for Aircoins below: 

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Please Try Out My Crypto Earning Games I Am About To Release, HTMLCoin Financial News.

HTMLcoin official site:

As most of you already know, I have been working for HTMLcoin cryptocurrency for the past 6 months. I have been working on a project for HTMLcoin that will help make them more popular and open up new areas. I have made 10 phone games in the past and love this new project. 

I have been making 20 phone games that will allow the player to earn HTMLcoin while they play. The games fall into many areas, from platfomers, space shooters, puzzles to educational games. With 20 different games, there is sure to be one that you may like. They are 2D old school style games.

All 20 games will go into beta testing in two weeks and will be fully released in four weeks from now. They will be available on the Apple and Android app stores for all phones. Play games and earn real cryptocurrency.

I hope that all my friends will support me in this project by playing the games and giving me good advice at how I may make them better. I would love to hear your oppinoion on them after release.

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Aircoins Is About To Replace Pokemon Go With Its News Crypto Earning Game! Sept 2018, Gaming World News.

Guys, I have been playing Aircoins now for about a month and I got some surprising things I learned about it. First off Aircoins is just like Pokemon Go, except instead of monsters, you collect real cryptocurrency coins! Yeah thats right. Its real money. This is even faster than mining for the coins. In one month I collected over 17,800 Aircoins alone, not even mentioning the other 14 coins. Did you know that Aircoins sells their coins for .004 per coin? That means by playing this game...I earned $71.2 US dollars. And that is just one of the 14 coins I collected. I imagine the total net worth of all the coins I found are a around $200 US dollars! From playing a game! The funny thing is my wife is beating me. She has 24,000 Aircoins collected. My son has over 5,000 collected. 

So you see, this is an amazing game. One that my wife and son saw me playing and wanted to take part in. Yeah I played Pokemon Go in the past and made it to level 36 before I got sick and tired of those monsters escaping from me. With Aircoins, you don't have to fight, you just follow the map or blue arrow for 20 meters and collect the coin or coins there. Sometimes I see over 15 different coins in one location! To collect a coin, just look at it and swipe one finger across it or tap it. It will spin and tell you how many of this coin that you just found. It will go straight into your crypto wallet that is on your phone. 

Right now we cannot trade or sell the crypto in the wallet, but Aircoins told me on Telegram that this will change in a few months when they make an update for the game. Also they will be adding Bitcoin and Ethereum to the drops. How cool is that? 

Go to Apple app store or Android app store and download Aircoins today for some free money! 
Scott C. Waring