Sunday, April 24, 2016

Questions We Need To Ask About Early Retirement, April 2016, Keys To Save Money.

How often is it that you plan to travel that you can't continue working? Can you work part-time at your current employer so that you can continue to have income and benefits coming in, at least until BOTH of you are at retirement age? If I were you, that's what I'd do to have an extra cushion of income and healthcare. Just imagine how much you would be able to do with the extra income? You could donate to homeless shelters, battered-women's shelters, Boys & Girls clubs, community centers in poor neighborhoods, church programs that help the poor, etc. You could invest in medical and technology companies to keep income coming in. Or, you could freelance on your own time as an income stream during retirement. The advisor is right, set a time frame to have your retirement plan decided upon.


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  2. Oh, do a post about changing your house loan banks. I checked and found another bank with a 1% lower interest rate. On my 30 year mortgage its a big savings.


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