Saturday, September 1, 2018

Aircoins Is About To Replace Pokemon Go With Its News Crypto Earning Game! Sept 2018, Gaming World News.

Guys, I have been playing Aircoins now for about a month and I got some surprising things I learned about it. First off Aircoins is just like Pokemon Go, except instead of monsters, you collect real cryptocurrency coins! Yeah thats right. Its real money. This is even faster than mining for the coins. In one month I collected over 17,800 Aircoins alone, not even mentioning the other 14 coins. Did you know that Aircoins sells their coins for .004 per coin? That means by playing this game...I earned $71.2 US dollars. And that is just one of the 14 coins I collected. I imagine the total net worth of all the coins I found are a around $200 US dollars! From playing a game! The funny thing is my wife is beating me. She has 24,000 Aircoins collected. My son has over 5,000 collected. 

So you see, this is an amazing game. One that my wife and son saw me playing and wanted to take part in. Yeah I played Pokemon Go in the past and made it to level 36 before I got sick and tired of those monsters escaping from me. With Aircoins, you don't have to fight, you just follow the map or blue arrow for 20 meters and collect the coin or coins there. Sometimes I see over 15 different coins in one location! To collect a coin, just look at it and swipe one finger across it or tap it. It will spin and tell you how many of this coin that you just found. It will go straight into your crypto wallet that is on your phone. 

Right now we cannot trade or sell the crypto in the wallet, but Aircoins told me on Telegram that this will change in a few months when they make an update for the game. Also they will be adding Bitcoin and Ethereum to the drops. How cool is that? 

Go to Apple app store or Android app store and download Aircoins today for some free money! 
Scott C. Waring 

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