Monday, April 4, 2016

Biking To Work Is Awesome Way To Save Money And Stay Fit, April 2016, Financial Tip News.

Biking to work is a great way to save a lot of gas money every year and stay fit. For instance, I am saving $30 a month from gas by biking to work everyday. Also it saves me a lot of time since there is major traffic and sometimes I get a parking ticket, which ups my financial loss. I bike. I park my bike is a safe location within my work place, so its not outside where it can get stollen. I live in the big city, so traffic is hell, and a bike gives me the freedom I want, with a major stress reduction on the side. 

1. Make sure you have a great backpack that fits all your things, lunch and water bottle. 
2. Stay on the same path every day. Routine is everything and changing pathways could lose you time.
3. Always wear a helmet. Better safe than sorry.
4. Always lock your bike inside your work place. There should be zero risk of it being stollen. Don't get careless here. 
5. Freshen up at work for a minute, put on that tie, brush your hair, and look the part.
5. Mostly just enjoy all the carbs you burn and rake in the health benefits. 


  1. I got an old bike from the thrift store and bought a can of silver paint. Looks and works great. Can't beat a $25 bike man.

  2. My family loves your video. Good on Ford for partnering with your team! My 2 year old is just mesmerized watching this one. The sounds of the tires squeezing and chains clanking is such a great layer. Con brother chill music was an epic match for this. I wouldn't have had the vision for it but grateful that you did. Keep up the good work. I would love to support this type of work in more substantial ways.


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