Saturday, June 18, 2016

Millionaire Goes Broke Saving Dogs Destined for Slaughterhouse, June 2016, Video, Keys 2 Saving, News.

Once a self-made millionaire, 29-year-old Wang Yan from Gelong Town in Jilin Province has now gone broke from establishing and running his own dog shelter in Changchun, China. Mr. Wang began his dog saving journey in 2012 when his own dog went missing. His search brought him to a local slaughterhouse where he witness the agony of hundreds of dogs. Even though Mr. Wang never found his own dog, he decided to dedicate his life (and all his money) to saving and taking care of as many stray dogs as possible. Today, Wang's "dog sanctuary" is home to more than 200 stray dogs, who Mr. Wang feeds each day. It costs nearly 3 million yuan a year to feed each dog 100 grams of food per day. At one point, Wang took care of nearly 1,000 dogs. Nowadays, volunteers often visit his dog shelter. Mr. Wang has also developed an interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and goes shopping for remedies to treat the dogs. Mike and Dan discuss this heartwarming and touching story.

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  1. ill take miley how much free or what please tell me im so interested in helping you guys one day when im older so i would love a rescue dog so i would love miley i was literally crying i was so happy and sad shes so cute to i would love to care for her ok you get my point<3

    "humans make the choice to live on the street"... Wow i'm astounded at either your ignorance or lack of intellect. Refugees from war zones? People persecuted by vicious dictators.. Idi Amin as an example? Natural disaster zones? You're a damn fool if you think anyone 'chose' those situations, go back to school and learn about the world before making ridiculous and unfounded statements.

    i can't believe this,i wana leave his owner in that trash just like he leave this poor dog.i wana pet them all and i wana have job like you.and just one thing that i wana say:people leave dogs and dont care about them,but dogs,dogs always love their owners and they dont care if they leave them or they hurt them,thats really sad story about dog love that never end.and we see this poor dogs,but we still like people,i cant believe this,really,i cant.


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