Saturday, June 18, 2016

Size Orman Says To really save money, do this...June 2016, Video, Keys To Save Money News.

All week on Making it in America, we’re taking you through a Budget Boot Camp.HLN's AJ Hammer sat down with finance guru Suze Orman -- host of the Suze Orman show on CNBC. 

And when it comes to budgeting, she didn't mince words! Suze helps us whip our money into shape! School is free Suze Orman! You do not have to fear having students loans because that is good debt. The longer that account is open and in good standing, your scores will rise! Suze gives good information but she is off when she speaks of student loans and how God awful it is to have student loans. Not everyone can pay for school. It should be a crime to have to pay for education in the first place. In that respect, it is what it is. From personal experience, my loans were in deferment, as she stated, and I still managed to raise my credit score more than 66 points each months! If you all are interested in hearing from a real person, who is not rich, who has had student loans, say yes and I will give you my entire comprehensive guide to building solid credit while having student loans in deferment. Remember, SCHOOL IS FREE! The video is coming soon, if you all are interested. Oh, and it will not cost you one red dime! In one year, my scores were improved by 203 points, as of May 29, 2016, and I have the documents to prove it. My identity was stolen years ago and I had to work like mad to get my credit back. I am still not at my 800 mark. That's the goal by the end of this year; at the rate I am going, it should not be a problem. It can be done, but you will make sacrifices as Suze stated. You will definitely not buy on a whim and you must only purchase your necessities. Trust me, the reward is so sweet when you are not being denied credit, cars or housing, because of a group of numbers, which indicates you are either a responsible person, or an irresponsible person. I think it sucks, but self control is definitely a must.

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